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“The Slippery Chickens are an original vintage rock and roll band with a stripped-down retro-style.

– Some NJ Bartender
Based in New York/New Jersey
Founded in 2001
Genres: Vintage Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Garage rock, R&B, Grass Roots Rockabilly
Jerry Scaringe
Vocals, Bass & Harp

Michael Olivieri
Vocals & Guitar

Kevin Ellman
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The Slippery Chickens take rockabilly to the next level by maintaining the original instrumentation and updating the lyrics and vocal delivery.
The quick-witted frontman/bassist Jerry Scaringe leads with his distinct mixture of croon and yelp while simultaneously playing an old-fashioned upright bass and an electrified harmonica with a homemade amplification system.
Michael Olivieri plays a fantastic, giant, semi-hollow, electric guitar that alternately fills up and frees space. But always with exquisite tone.
A unique mix of rockabilly and blues in a fantastic retro-style. Handmade music at it’s very best.
Looking for a raw, rowdy night of dance inducing edgy fun? Make sure you check out The Slippery Chickens at a club near you.

Rick Tedesco, Someday Productions LLC and Pillow Talking   Oct 6, 2016

In a word, fun. Let’s make that capital FUN! This is a fun band, with fun songs.

A Pleasure For The Ears! A stripped-down great album with a unique mix of rockabilly and blues in a fantastic retro-style. Like the first one, much fun to listen to. Handmade music at it’s very best. Absolutely recom- mendable!

Billy Penn   Feb 16, 2020 

You guys were GREAT last night at Roxy & Dukes!!!!

Steve Bag   Dec 24, 2018 

Listening to “Natural Man” in the car and sounding great as always! Merry Christmas Chickens! 🎼

Rockabilly at the V   Mar 12, 2018 

Just wanted to say Thanks for a wonderful time last night!!! Hope you come back real soon!!!!

Joe Martin Jr.   Mar 12, 2018 

You guys crushed it at the stair climb fundraiser 🤘🤘 You've got new fans from AfterBurn

AH Kugler   Jul 16, 2017 

Thank you so much for a outstanding performance. Incredible..

John Paul Lepre   Feb 12, 2017 

Caught your show last night at Maxfields. You guys all rocked it. I was with my girlfriend who's seen you all many times...but this was my first time. Popped my Chicken CHERRY. She told me that you're usually a 3 piece...but added a sax and guitar last night. Let me tell you Mel the sax was such a welcome surprise. Tasteful player and true gentleman. Can't wait to see you all again.

Frank Bergmann   Feb 13, 2016
Hiya Slippery Chickens! You guys rock and wail like there s no tomorrow! Incredible! Got your CD "We ain t scared..." in the player right now. If my son wasn t asleep yet, i d have to crank the volume to the max! Man alive! Cheerzzz from Germany, Frank ("Gene") ♫-♪-♫-♪

BERNARD BOYAT, Cri du Coeur No. 104, France

Their first CD was already very good, and here, on their second, the tone is startling right from the first title. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find: “We Ain’t Scared, We’re Just Chicken” begins with “Life is Strange/I Still Think I Can” whose musical construction is just as I love it: a slow start, then it rocks. Next, a rockabilly, “Gold, Silver and Green”. They confirm their love of swamp pop with a brilliant “Rainin’ In My Heart” (Slim Harpo), and procede to a Caribbean rhythm on “My Baby’s Crazy”. Next they “attack themselves” on “Pretty Thing” by Bo Diddley, in a style that they also use a little slower on “U Ain’t Got Me”. “Anxious” is a good-old honest medium tempo, and “Don’t Runaway” sounds quite Cochran! A medium tempo bluesy, “Careful Now” precedes “Bad Bad Boy”, which recalls Cavan. A good reprise of “Mystery Train” is followed by a “Wee Wee Hours” that explodes a little...Then a good rock‘n’roll,“Have You Seen My Girl?” Finishing with “Hey Now” and “Endless Sleep”. The Slippery Chickens have jumped the hurdle to their second album without stumbling.​


The Rockin Daddies - the Slippery Chickens - One Eyed Cat, groups that are situated in the rockabilly / New Orleans / jump blues environment and have two things in common: frontmen Mike Olivieri and Jerry Scaringe and their specific retro sound from the fifties. When we worked on the debut album of the Rockin Daddies at the time, the conclusion was quite simple ... great album but the flag doesn't quite cover the load, great blues that sidetracked the rock / roots and the noncommittal recommendation to use the group name The Rockin '"Blues" Daddies would be one of the options.

The duo Jerry & Mike stuck to a simple solution by responding to our sigh with their  Slippery Chickens , with the album "We Aint Scared ... We're Just Chicken" , the follow-up to the 2003 released "The Slippery Chickens "the duo continues with the "guest" drummers Richie Noorigian, Georges Morales & Gary Schwartz on their Rockin Daddies élan. A beautiful bluesy rendition of the classic "Raining in My Heart" is part of the laudable contemporary evolution in the blues / roots / rockabilly scene. No more technical highlights, the recordings took place in an apartment, but consciously opted for no overdubs ... "every plinkety plink of the guitar, every thumpety thump of the bass, every wee haw of the harmonica, every bang boom bam of the drums and every yodalady croakety croak of the vocals were recorded at the same moment in time ". Willie Dixon's "Pretty Thing", "Mystery Train" (Philips, Parker Jr.), Rick Holmstroms "Have You Seen My Girl" with fine smoother & upright bass from Jerry Scaringe and Chuck Berry's "Wee Wee Hours" probably "Live" has never been better. But also with their own fantasies "Life is Strange / I Still think I Can" with fine guitar solos by Mike Olivieri and VD King, the jump blues "Gold Silver & Green" and "Don't Run Away", the swampy "Anxious" and the New Orleansesque "My Baby's Crazy" "Bad Bad Boy" Jerry Scaringe and Mike Olivieri make a great impression.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds are never far away when the Slippery Chickens start scratching and cackling with "U Ain't Got Me", "Careful Now" and "Hey Now" and it seems only natural to me that the Slippery Chickens can also lose their (blues) egg on this side of the ocean. "A mix of rockabilly and New Orleans Blues that will keep you moving" ... always welcome! (SWA)

ROGER Z., More Sugar, U.S.   Feb 16, 2008 

What if Elvis Presley came back as a fireman with a punk sensibility? The Slippery Chickens take rockabilly to the next level

Self published, Jerry Scaringe, (845) 826-3884
Management, Booking, PR:
Jerry Scaringe, (845) 826-3884

We'll be in touch soon!

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